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Autotek Chrome; Since 2008, the auto accessories industry; Stainless Auto Accessories Products, Chrome Auto Accessories Products, Aluminum Auto Accessories Products, Polyurethane Auto Accessories products and Roof (Auto Accessories Ceiling cheetahs) Our design and production using the most advanced technology in their products, planned in accordance with our customers' satisfaction our sales and marketing system, the present conditions at any time up Our R & D efforts we make to keep up with our support and after-sales service, strengthening its position in the sector in a short time, has become a rich portfolio of customers in that time. Quality and friendly service to our company which made principle, fast, precise, high quality service and the convenience in payment have acquired duty to serve our valued customers in the auto accessories industry first and continues to develop more of these duties in accordance with service.


  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

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 Our company is settled in Turkey, exports to the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and Africa. The United States has started at small scale of our exports and increase its position in the market with high quality and low price concept quickly.

General principle is to create one distributor in each country and to provide services to other companies, depending on the distributor's dealer network.

Our company founder, company higher quality service with based on the experience of many years in the industry before installing, its position in customer demands, Auto Accessories industry with experience that has given in and year to fulfill the day by consolidating, they are moving towards becoming a well-established company.

Our company; unconditional customer satisfaction, full compliance with the technological and cultural development, quality management work without compromising the system completely with specialized colleagues in their professional and subject, has adopted the principle to operate without causing damage to nature and the environment, easy than without concessions from them, and service and satisfactory way that at each time etmektet continue to work in an innovative system.